Earn $300 at the Close of Escrow!

Your referrals are greatly appreciated!

Being the "Boots on the Ground" is like being the "eye in the sky"... but on the ground.  Get it?
We gladly provide the opportunity for anyone walking their neighborhood to send in a lead to us for futher investigation.  In return, we'll pay you $300 at the close of escrow if we can seal the deal with the current owner. 
If you know of a Real Estate Investment opportunity we would very much appreciate your referral. Contact us and provide your name and phone number along with the address of the property in the comments field.  
We'll contact you at the close of escrow and make sure you get paid.  You'll have to trust us on that one.  But hear this... it's in our best interest to have a local "army" of support in finding distressed homes in the area.  So we'll make sure you get what you've earned in finding the deal for us and our partners.  With that incentive, hopefully you can find another one for us.   

Some Items to Look For:

  • Vacant or Abandoned Properties - These are the best opportunities.  No one likes houses to sit vacant, not even the neighbors.  So chances are the owner is looking to get rid of it anyhow. 
  • Overdue Maintenance - One of the best tell-tale signs of a distressed property owned by someone that doesn't want it is deferred maintenance... I mean really deferred.
  • Unattended Mail - Be careful not to make a false assumption here.  The owner may be on vacation.  But this sign should prompt you to look for other indicators. 
  • Overgrown Landscape - I'm not talking about the kind where it looks like someone hasn't mowed in a while.  I'm talking about the kind that when you mow the lawn you find a car. 
  • Broken Fixtures or Windows - Sometimes these are just there because people don't have the means to fix them or they're in a part of the house no one uses anyhow.  But in either case, it could be worth some further digging into. 
  • Public Notices Posted on Doors - Not all houses appear distressed, but when the city comes knocking and posts a notice on the door this is a sure sign that somethings up.
  • Damaged Garage Door - This sign isn't always a sure thing, but when the garage door has some extensive damage to it that's been there a while it often means the homeowner isn't interested or doesn't have the means to repair the house.
  • Utilities Red-Tagged - When the gas company shuts off the gas to the house, this is another sure sign the house could be a nuisance to its owner. 
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