It Takes a Village...

At AJ Real Estate Partners we're well aware that it takes a village to build and sustain a business.  Our success is dependent on the success of others in our community.  We proudly support our partners in our community that uphold the same committment to compassionate and high quality service to our end customers as well as across our respective business boundaries. 
We welcome the oppotunity to network and support our partners in the local East Bay community.  If you fit into the following, please don't hesitate to contact us about working together in the future. 
  •  Trades Contractors

The success of our company is highly dependent on our contractors.  We're eager to partner with our local Alameda County tradesmen and women providing them with a steady stream of work throughout all seasons.  From plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers, framing and structural, landscapers, HVAC, and more, we value the prompt and professional service they provide in restoring our investment properties for their re-entry into the retail market.

  • Real Estate Professionals

Networking with local real estate professionals is vital to our success in the way of providing leads to distressed properties available at a discounted rate.  However, it's also important to providing the level of service we intend for our end clients.  While we're wholesale buyers, that strategy doesn't work for all properties or interested sellers.  We're glad to offer referrals to local East Bay agents and brokers where we find a mismatch with one of our leads. 

  • Title and Escrow Personnel

We're always on the lookout for investor friendly title and escrow partners.  As investment transactions are often non-traditional in nature, a savvy title and escrow company is an absolute necessity.  A successful close is often attributed to a close partnership with the right title and escrow company... and we're not shy about referring one to others in our network. 

  • Lenders

Our success is your success.  Our partnerships with private money lenders, hard money lenders and traditional lenders alike are what enable us to help our end clients. 

  • Flippers

Not all of our properties are held.  Hence, we often times look to reach out to flippers to "whole-tail" our properties. 

  • Attorneys

With the non-traditional nature of the wholesale real estate market, it's important to have the proper oversight in the transaction for both parties.  Furthermore, our ability to close quickly and without traditional inhibitors enables us to provide a valuable service to your clients in addressing their real estate needs. 

  • Property Managers

Obviously an empty property is not good for our investment portfolio strategy.  From tenant screening to periodic wellness checks, our property managers are a valuable resource for ensuring not only the comfort of our tenants, but also that they're holding up their end of the agreement with enforcing pet policies and such.  Our goal is for our property managers to manage a portfolio of properties in a given area. 

  • Wholesalers

Wholesalers provide an additional insight into local investment opportunities. We're happy to partner with other wholesalers in our East Bay Area to quickly close on creative real estate deals. 

  • Handymen (and Handywomen)

With property ownership, problems are inevitable.  With a series of properties in a portfolio, problems are can be abundant.  The timely and professional response of our local handymen and women maintains that amicable relationship with our tenants and promotes longevity in their stay.  We're glad to pass through the emergency needs of our clients to our on call handymen and women. 

  • Local City Workers

Our local city workers like mailmen and women and waste management personnel add an important element to finding investment opportunites in our local area.  With their "boots on the ground" in our local East Bay Area neighborhoods on a daily basis, they're more akin to noticing the subtle changes in a property that make it stand out as an investment opportunity.  We proudly offer a $300 incentive to anyone that provides a lead we can close on.  See our Boots on the Ground page for additional details. 

  • Local Officials and Representatives

Our goal is directly aligned with local authorities in regards to revitalizing East Bay Area neighborhood real estate.  It's important to us that we maintain ourselves as good commercial citizens, repecting local ordinaces and permitting laws as well as good neighbors in our community.