Our Company

    We buy houses fast!  Our goal is to buy and rehab distressed properties back into a retail condition for subsequent resale on the open market for profit.  We partner with other like minded buyers regularly which adds a myriad of flexible options to quickly help our sellers out of a bad real estate situation.  With the properties we purchase we either restore them, re-sell them, or re-purpose them for re-entry into the retail market in as fast and painless a way possible to our sellers.   

    We value honesty and integrity.  As such, we strive to offer compassionate service to sellers and buying partners alike, partnering with each to apply creative problem solving strategies around the transfer of distressed properties often laden with resale obstacles in the retail market. The end goal is to help disgruntled and discouraged property owners off-load their problem properties quickly.  

    With AJ Real Estate Partners offering our sellers a fast and easy solution to any real estate problem, regardless of the condition of the property, we also offer our partners high quality investment opportunities with solid returns and controlled risks.  Both are coupled with unparalleled customer service.  Our partners have access to solid private lending opportunities, equity partnerships, and wholesale investment opportunities in real estate resulting in long term collateralized growth that matches their risk comfort level and investment goals.  As such, our sellers have access to a top quality, multifaceted, highly capable group of buyers ready and willing to work together in a mutually beneficial way.  Frankly, we consider both investors and sellers to be our partners. 
Our Commitments to Our Partners

To Match Our Clients With the Right Opportunities

  • To listen to our client’s investment requirements and financial goals.
  • To match them with opportunities that fit in with their short & long term personal & financial goals.
  • To collaborate on as much of the legwork as we can so our clients can experience what it’s like to invest “stress-free.”

To Provide Transparency and Communication

  • To fully explain the details, risks, and benefits as they are known to us of the particular investment in plain English.
  • To be available and responsive when you have questions.

To Educate With the Heart of a Teacher

  • To educate all those with interest of the benefits of real estate as an investment.
  • To, as a company, continually educate ourselves on new target areas, updated strategies, and legislation affecting the industry.

Our Staff

    AJ Real Estate Partners was established by Joshua Durrin and Anne Norris Durrin, our managing members since 2014. 

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