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Anne and Josh - Co-Founders

Josh and Anne have been a family since mid-2013.  Their relationship has been filled with many happy and fulfilling moments, the founding of AJ Real Estate Partners being only one of them.  It's been said that they're the perfect compliment to one another and are finally completely whole having found each another. 
Josh and Anne started on this endeavor from simple beginnings.  Anne comes from a background of hospitality and contract and pension fund management for retired union workers in the local area.  She entered into the real estate investment world in 2014 as a novice and has brought an important element to their business as a compassionate and talented writer, caring business partner, and as an astounding resource for understanding the nuances of the local market. 
Josh comes from a project management and process engineering background with experience in developing and optimizing business systems.  With his passion for real estate, he's been practicing real estate determined to provide a compassionate service to reluctant property owners enabling them to overcome the burden of distressed property ownership. 
Together they make an astounding team.  They're not only building their own real estate portfolio in an effort to enable more time spent raising their family of seven, they're also happy to offer partnership opportunities to other investors with the same commitment to quality and compassionate service as they have. 
Real estate investing offers more than monetary return for Anne and Josh.  They take pride in revitalizing their local community.  Rehabing a distressed property to its former glory is satisfying not only to them, but also uplifting to the neighbors and surrounding commercial establishments. Additionally, they appreciate the many opportunities to network and provide employment opportunities for the supporting local tradesmen and women, community service personnel, and city and county servicemen and women. 
During their off hours, you'll find Anne and Josh volunteering at their local school or community youth functions, enjoying a sporting event that their kids are playing in, or catching a theatrical or dance feature starring one of their own. Together they also spend much of their free time exploring California's many campgrounds, fly-fishing the mountain streams of the Sierras, and SCUBA diving the coastal waters of California.