Buying a Home

    Buying a home is a big decision.  Given the costs and competition in the East Bay, buying one here is an even bigger decision.  Whether you're buying your first home, next home, a second home, or buying an investment property or even a vacation home, buying a home can often become overwhelming for the average person.  While it can be tremendously rewarding, at the same time it is often one of the most stressful events a person can experience.  Navigating the tricky waters of typical real estate transactions is not an easy task.  However, pairing with a top quality real estate agency like ours can help immensely.  Buying real property often begins with the following:
  • Identify your goals
  • Find a good real estate agent
  • Get pre-approved for a loan
  • Find your dream home
  • Review the listing package
  • Negotiate and strike a deal with the seller
  • Lock down the financing
  • Complete the terms of the purchase contract
  • Prepare to move
  • Get the keys
  • Turn on utilities and notify post office of change of address, etc
  • Settle into your new home
    Notice that “Find a good real estate agent” is the second step when buying a home. A good real estate agent is a partner to you throughout the process.  However, you'll need to understand your goals in order to find and establish the right partnership.  A good real estate agent can help you refine your goals and help manage the process with lender and contract fulfillment. Many buyers spend a lot of their time trying to figure out the market, seeking a basic understanding of the current market versus focusing on meeting their goals. Unfortunately this can result in the buyers being exhausted when they are attempting to negotiate a serious purchase offer. 

We buy, fix and sell properties all the time and thus have a breadth of knowledge in the real estate industry that goes beyond your typical agency.

    We at AJ Real Estate Partners are professionals in the industry, not just professionals in the retail end of things, but the wholesale end of it too. We buy, fix and sell properties all the time and thus have a breadth of knowledge in the real estate industry that goes beyond your typical agency.  We are in the market everyday and have the practical experience from a variety of perspectives to be able to walk you through even the most complicated of buying processes.  When you get help from us at AJ Real Estate Partners, you can be confident that you have an advocate and a coach on your side to help you make a good quality purchase offer.

    If you are concerned that you aren’t ready to meet with us individually, Contact Us and we can help you identify whether you're in a good position to be able to buy.  We also recommend to download our Free Home Buyer's Guide eBook.  

Free Home Buyer’s Guide eBook

Mention closing costs, initial deposits, what makes a strong offer, due diligence inspections, time constraints, typical concessions in bay area, sewer lateral requirement, creative buying strategies (financing options, cash, items of equivalent value), and close with importance of working with a professional.

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