Selling a Home

    There are many new real estate firms trying different approaches, particularly given the availability of information on the internet these days. Some sources suggest not to hire a real estate agent when selling a home. Others suggest that there is no need to use a real estate agent when buying a home. While these approaches are good for some, the process of selling a home on the open market can be quite a drain on a seller. 

Real estate is a people business, not a product business.

    Homeowners have always been able to pound a “For Sale” sign into their front lawn.  These days it's even possible to put a “For Sale” sign on the internet and sell it to a buyer who sees it. However, when time is on your side or you have a product that is in high demand, we can support you with selling your home to a traditional buyer just the same.  Quite honestly, a better sale results if more prospective buyers know the property is for sale, visit the property, and have their questions and doubts addressed by a professional. However, this takes time, effort, and coordination to make that happen (see our marketing plan for when we sell homes).  Selling a home often entails not just finding a buyer, but qualifying multiple buyers by providing the right information and collaborating to build trust throughout the transaction.

    Yes, I said collaborating.  All too often in this business buyers and sellers are paired with adversarial agents pinning the two parties against one another from the outset.  This doesn't make sense to us.  We recognize and appreciate all potential buyers as having a mutually aligned goal with our seller clients, thus collaboration is key to a successful transaction, whether sold to us or to an outside buyer.

While our primary service offering is to buy houses fast, we also list them for clients when it serves them better.

    While our primary service offering is to buy houses fast, it isn't always practical for us to do so when taking into account the best interests of our clients.  Not everyone needs to sell their home quickly or has a home in such desperate condition that it inhibits the average buyer.  In such cases, we'll tell you.  We value honesty and integrity in this business because real estate is a people business, not a product business.

    When selling on the open market, however, be prepared to receive some challenging feedback on your home.  Everyone values each specific home differently. Some prospective buyers will have no interest in your home and won't be afraid to say so or why. Others will really want to own it but may require petty corrections or repairs be made before closing. All too often an adversarial approach is taken as buyers are always afraid they will pay more than they have to and sellers are likely to take offense at getting an offer that is not to their liking.
    If a buyer understands the pluses and minuses of your home like we do, understands the condition of your home and the neighborhood like we do, understands which other properties are for sale like we do, and has confidence in his understanding like we do then he will make the strongest purchase offer from the start... like we do

    We value the people aspect of this business.  It takes a village to transact in this business and thus integrity and honesty are core values in our team.  Selling a home depends on connecting with both home buyers and real estate agents representing home buyers and sellers.  We are not only talking with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents every day, we are in those roles every day. We are negotiating dozens of purchase offers a year. With us, you're in good hands as we walk with you during the sale of your home, whether selling it to us or listing it with us.   

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