Our Marketing Plan

    Advertising is not the most important benefit a good real estate agent provides. A home is often the most valuable asset a family owns. Home sellers and buyers want to be certain that its sale or purchase have had as much skill and effort used as possible.  The simple truth is that neither a homeowner nor a home buyer can have as much knowledge and efficiency as an experienced real estate agent.  We are passionate about selling real estate and perform this everyday. 

    Selling a house can be quite the challenge for the average person... even the average real estate agent.  There are hundreds of ways to sell a house.  Navigating through offers and constraints in a given sale can be an exhausting endeavor.  Typical steps to selling a home include:
  • Strategically set the price
  • Open an escrow account
  • Properly prepare and stage your home
  • Obtain inspection reports and disclosures
  • Market your home to real estate agents
  • Market your home to buyers
  • Hold your home open for potential buyers
  • Follow up with potential buyers and their agents
  • Understand the purchase offer terms
  • Negotiate the best possible purchase agreement
  • Track all of the required agreements to finalize the purchase
  • Overcome any problems which develop
    Working with an agent gives you an advisor and coach to shoulder the stress and simply the complexity of selling your home.  Partner with us to guide you through the multiple processes and help you understand the nuisances of selling your home so that you can rest easy in your acceptance of the offer of your choice. 

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Our Goals for You
  1. Maximize your profit from the sale of your home.
  2. Sell your home as quickly as possible without sacrificing profits.
  3. Minimize the inconveniences to you while your house is on the market.
    Yes, our goals are the same as yours.  However, the difference is that we're professionals that have been strategizing these kinds of plans for a living.  Our experience goes as far back as 2008 and our network is vast and well established to streamline the sales process. 

Our Marketing Plan

    It's important to note that your house will sell itself.  With that in mind, our marketing strategies typically consist of the following framework to illuminate the best features of your house enabling prospective buyers to see its potential for themselves. 
  • Preparing Your Home
    We'll provide specific guidance on what you should do prior to placing your home on the market.  Our goal is to ensure it is in top market condition so that it will command a premium price. Properly staging your home before showing it to buyers will help you get top dollar offers.
  • Prepare relevant seller docs.
    We will manage together the acquisition and use of the various service providers that will be required to sell your home. A few of the services needed include a title and escrow company, property inspector, termite inspector, home warranty, cleaners, movers, etc.
  • Take photos of the inside, outside, yard, and surrounding neighborhood.
    With proper staging, a professional photographer is a natural next step to capture the essence of your home giving potential buyers that "wow factor" that makes them want to see your home in person. 
  • Featured Property on the Internet
    Your home will be advertised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, world-wide on a customized website tailor made for your listing.  A website allows us to customize the display and presentation of information related to your property.  The more informed your buyer, the stronger an offer they can prepare.   

    Your home will also be featured on the web sites of the regional listing services and real estate portals. These web sites will have links to the detailed information and reports and numerous pictures our own web site provides.
  • Create a virtual tour video
    A virtual tour gives prospective buyers a chance to experience your home virtually but with a more realistic perspective after they made the appointment to view your property with their agent.  It's an added piece that further enables them to feel what it would be like to be the home owner.   
  • Register the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    Your property will be registered with the Multiple Listing Service making it available to thousands of agents in the surrounding counties, and hundreds of thousands of potential buyers searching the most common sites for homes like Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, etc. 
  • Stage a key in a lock box
    A Supra electronic lock box offers state-of-the-art security while ensuring your home is accessible to licensed agents so that they can show their buyers without interruption to you. This electronic lock box notifies us who has accessed your home. Statistics show that using a lock box increases the number of buyer showings by 40%.
  • Setup a recorded information line
    Offering a recorded information line to potential buyers further enables 24/7 access to information about your property. 
  • Pocket listing email to network
    Being a professional in the industry, our network is vast.  A pocket listing is a listing that hasn't been released to the public yet due to the preparatory activities necessary to setup the public portals.  It isn't rare for a home to be sold before even finishing preparations due to the demand from buyers established with agents within our network. 
  • Place the "For Sale" sign in the front yard.
    The iconic marker for a house ready for sale, a distinctive AJ Real Estate Partners "For Sale" sign will be placed in a prominent location announcing the availability of your home on the open market.  Our sign will have our name and phone number prominently displayed so that potential buyers can easily contact us, the team most knowledgeable and motivated to sell your home on your behalf.  8-10% of all home sales come from buyers who know someone who lives within two blocks of the house that is for sale.
  • Create a Custom Property Brochure
    We will create a high quality "fact sheet" to showcase the best features of your home. The goal of the fact sheet is to make a lasting impression so that prospective buyers will be interested in your home after looking at many others. The fact sheet is intended to entice people to both look further at your property on our web site and to contact us when they get home from looking at houses all day.
  • Include a Brochure Box on the Sign Post
    A brochure box will be on your sign post in front of your home wherever it is allowed. This gives the drive-by buyer enough information about your home to become interested and to call for more information.
  • Create a neighborhood visitors guide and home book
    Neither buyers nor agents will be as knowledgeable about your neighborhood and home as you are. Therefore, to help them visualize owning your home, we will compile a book and accent with posters to be left in your house which will answer most buyer questions about your home, the community facilities, schools, and the surrounding area. The more the buyer can visualize living there, the more likely they are to write a purchase offer.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
    As a new listing, your home will be featured in the most appropriate newspapers, which usually include East Bay RI, East Bay Homes, Inside Bay Area, The Sacramento Bee, The Oakland Tribune, and The Tri-Valley Times to name a few.
  • Direct Contact with the Top 100 Agents in the Area
    More than half of all homes in the Sacramento Area are sold by the Top 100 agents. We will send details of your home directly to each of those agents.
  • Agent Prospecting
    We will review which agents have shown houses in the same price range within the last two weeks and direct them to the information about your home for sale available on the web and by direct contact with us.
  • Broker Open House
    Soon after we list your home, we'll hold it open for all agents.  In addition to creating broker interest in your property, this will also reduce the number of agents who come days later to preview your home on behalf of their buyers.  Refreshments may be served or a gift drawing offered to increase attendance. 
  • Broker Meetings
    While networking at various real estate association club meetings we will personally brief hundreds of brokers and agents on the key features of your property. We are active participants of various Placer County Realtor Association events and Real Estate Investing Clubs.
  • Target Marketing
    We mail direct to select neighborhoods.  Buyers typically move up in home by 50% more than their current home when they move.  We will target information about your home to specific areas with direct mail where qualified buyers are likely to reside. 
  • Personal Contacts
    Every week, we email information on listings to a selected list of people who are in our market place or who have worked with us in the past. This includes a vast network of potential buyers, previous prospects, and others in our personal sphere of influence.
  • Neighborhood Involvement
     As active participants in our local community, we create interest about the sale of your home in the surrounding neighborhood with personal branding and while attending social venues.
  • Public Open House
    Your house will be held open to the public as often as possible to attract prospective buyers. We hold the homes open ourselves and remain available to make our prospective buyers as comfortable as possible while touring. Each open house encounter is an opportunity where people can learn from each other. Questions are asked and answered, opinions shared, ideas fostered, some unexpected and from many sources, sometimes very efficiently. An open house provides an opportunity for non-qualified buyers to become qualified by absorbing the knowledge from others and the host.
  • Referral Networks
    30% of all homes sold here are purchased by someone coming from outside the area. As a licensed real estate broker and member of the local real estate associations, we are able to develop real estate professional profiles on a variety of referral network sites gaining access to incoming buyers from all over the United States.
  • Special Promotions
    We apply as many unique marketing methods as necessary to get a home sold.  Examples include gift drawings to inspire participation and registration at showings, or broker luncheons to capture more agent attention.
  • Showing Follow Up
    With the notification that follows access of the Supra Lockbox, we collect the contact information of all agents that access your property.  With that, we will contact each agent to determine the level of buyer interest and to provide additional buyer feedback for adjustments to staging or marketing as required.
  • Status Reports
    Communication is key to this partnership.  We will be sure to regularly update you via email, written or verbal reports that shall include actions taken, actions needed, current and planned advertising, feedback on showings, and changes in the market conditions that may affect the sale of your home.
  • Partnership
    The process is a team effort.  Our job includes marketing your home while your job is to keep it ready to show on short notice.  Our job is to interpret the market enabling you to make wise adjustments in the pricing and showcasing of your home. 

    We will take great pride in handing you a check at close of escrow. You will be glad you trusted the sale of your home to Joshua and Anne Durrin and AJ Real Estate Partners.

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